Mar. 24th, 2014 11:28 pm
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Well I think most have heard by now that MH370 is presumed without a doubt to have crashed in the Southern Indian Ocean with no survivors.

After all the build up these past 2 days of possible debris, it looks like they have confirmed that the debris is indeed from the plane and the family members are being flown to Australia.

I am incredibly sad to have this news confirmed. While I had expected this news and even stopped following this story for a while (due to the ridiculous theories and articles), that did not make this breakthrough any lighter or easier.

The only positive at this point is that with the fate of the plane determined, and the crash site narrowed down, the search for the remains and investigation can begin. The families of the victims are still owed answers as to why a plane that was bound for Beijing ended up completely in the opposite direction and crashed into one of the most isolated ocean areas on Earth.

This is also a national tragedy. Malaysia is a small country, and we are all connected somehow to that flight. May the family members receive the answers they deserve, and my heart and prayers go out to them. At this moment, the hearts and prayers of Malaysia goes out to those families, and it is evident from phone calls, chats, social networking and just how connected our world now is, how genuinely grieved this country is.

Rest In Peace to the 226 passengers and 13 crew members of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.


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