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Dear Hikago Rare Fic Author,

Hello and thanks for offering fic for my requested rare pairs! I'm looking forward to reading your fic!
This is my first exchange, so if I need to provide any further clarification to you, please let me know.

My Requests

Kishimoto Kaoru/Isumi Shinichirou

I'd like fic about meaningful interactions between these two when Kishimoto was still an Insei. I can see them being friends and I think there would be some deep moments occurring right as Kishimoto is making his decision to leave.

Kaga Tetsuo/Touya Akira

Heehee! Go v. Shogi rivalry! I'd love to see these two face off at a Go game and have Kaga try to convince Touya about the superiority of Shogi. They can also bond over familial pressure to play Go.

Touya Akiko/Touya Kouyou

I love these two. A warm and fuzzy Touya family fic please :) *Bonus for baby Akira appearance!

My General Preferences

1. I love romance as much as the next fan, but I also love reading about strong bonds of friendship, camaraderie or family.

2. I enjoy reading things that pull me into a deeper understanding of a character, especially a side character that otherwise didn't get as much attention in the story.

3. No porn/smut please. I'm generally happy with G ratings in HikaGo, no need to violence, blood and gore when the series doesn't naturally include it.



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