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I'm always confused before opening my eyes in the morning because I can't remember where I am. This is a relatively recent phenomena (1 month old, a bit more), a direct consequence of too much traveling in a relatively short period of time (6 flights in a month! Or if I keep count, 13 in 1.5 months because I'm just a jet-setter like that).

Or, this is the result of a conversation my friends had recently where I'm in the matrix as a figment of one's imagination. She keeps changing her mind about where in the world I am, or what aspects make up my environment.

In all seriousness, this is the first post in a dreamwidth journal, one of many I hope, as I try to reclaim those lost LJ days. I've lost interest in my LJ somehow, maybe it's the ads, maybe it's because everyone I knew (save for a handful) moved over the Dreamwidth, or perhaps it's because after moving halfway across the world my posts all became very alien and depressing to most people. (Which means there were no comments). Whatever it is, I think I'm ready to try keeping in touch through this personal blogging sphere again.

There is not going to be a theme for this journal - it will be personal, it will be random, it will be absolutely whatever it needs to be when I need it. It's an idea that has hit me now, drugged up again from the worst flu I've ever had, and I'm looking forward to the resulting flying fairies.



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