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I really enjoyed today's session! Yeah it helps that it was only 12 minutes long but all the movements really made you focus on breathing, and taking deeeeeeep breaths. It was refreshing, and it's kind of perfect for a morning routine because it does get you all refreshed and energised. For me in the evening, it's a good end to a long day because it helps me clear up my mind.

Today's exercise was also about gratitude, so let's do the gratitude exercise.
3 things I'm grateful for today:

1. I had roti canai for breakfast - this stuff is awesome, flat bread and curry, Mmmmmyum.
2. I have some pretty nice colleagues, I mean I accidentally spilled pasta all over the floor and on my chair today (just one of those days), and they were so nice and helped me clean up.
3. I had perfect waking up conditions this morning - seriously, I was refreshed, my room wasn't too warm or too cold

Speaking of waking up conditions - I find that I sleep better on the evenings I do yoga right before. Hmmm, that's nice. I wonder what it is exactly.


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