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Day 6 Huzzah! (Thumps self on back)

Day 6 was all about abs, well, it was a short but pseudo intense core workout that was as much about abs as it was about strengthening your spine and lower back.

I tend to find that ab exercises tire my thighs out before they really do a number on my core. That's the thing about thighs though - they never seem strong enough. I remember staying in all those low stances in karate to build strength in them and yeah, I don't ever recall them getting to a point where they never hurt. In some ways, it's always supposed to hurt, otherwise you haven't pushed yourself enough, but still.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy to fit in my yoga early today. Yesterday was a bit of a challenge because my eyes were swollen (the skin around my eyes anyway), and I couldn't sleep until I found a cold pack to rest on top of them. When I woke up this morning, my eyes were gummed shut (it's the air quality, I'm allergic to something in it). My eyes are doing much better now thanks the American Visine (I have no idea how it is that American OTC products as simple as Visine are 50x better than some prescription medicated stuff that I can get here. Seriously I used eye drops yesterday! My eyes hardly responded!) and getting my hands on a bottle of Cetaphil so I could gently wash my eye-area.

So yes, I'm happy that I've managed to get some time for myself despite dealing with the annoyance of itchy, sore and swollen eyes (feeling my way around this morning with them gummed shut was quite the experience).

Happy Friday!


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