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Today's session was about 10 minutes shorter than the previous two. Surprisingly welcome, and it's good to know that the times will be switched up. My core muscles were already protesting today, though they were quiet otherwise, it was only when I started doing certain exercises that they let me know they were tired. Slow burn hehheh.

Today's focus was to approach the session like a beginner, and find out what we can learn about Yoga. I considered myself a beginner so I didn't really do that. Still, I'm apparently beyond beginner and below expert, because the whole purpose of that was to avoid going on auto-pilot. I think I did go on auto-pilot at some points. Still, it's not as if I drifted away to other thoughts, I was still very much focused on the yoga. I think I was simply less consciously aware of the whole of my body. I suppose that's an exercise for tomorrow.

So far (2 nights), yoga in the evening after digesting dinner seems to be contributing to a good 'cool down' night routine. Last night it helped me feel more relaxed as I went to bed. I definitely want to see if this continues! If it does, then hey, good things all around!

Otherwise, I need to be careful at work. I'm currently editing a book that's being translated from Japanese into English. The layout is very dense, the writing very small - it means staring at my computer screen for long hours without realizing it, and typing in bad posture without realizing it. I had to stop today only once I noticed that I had a headache, I felt like throwing up, and my hands were hurting. Yikes! Got up and walked around a bit - definitely have to stay aware of that.


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