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If you're curious...

Lol frankly I'm just proud of myself for making time to do Day 2 today - why? Because it's a weekday, and I've been pretty notorious lately for writing off my day as 'done' the moment I get home from work.

It was also an experiment in the post-dinner exercise time (not immediately of course), but the idea that I had time after eating dinner at 7pm to digest and fit in at least half an hour for some yoga before getting ready for bed. I actually ate late today (around 8pm?) So I only finished my session at around 10:30 (by the time I was digested and felt good to go). Well I'm all showered and refreshed so overall, I'm happy with myself for doing that. Otherwise what I end up doing is watching youtube videos on my phone anyway until I get sleepy at around 11 or midnight. If I'm really good, I'll write a few lines of my fic.

Things I noticed today:

Breathing - even though I've dabbled with yoga before, I really used my breath as a means of getting a little extra strength today. It helps that I'm doing this in the privacy of my room, rather than in a class, so I can breathe out as loudly as I want without an instructor first having to give us all permission to.

That was the main thing. Otherwise I was happy at staying mostly present during today's session.

It's too early to say but I think this is probably the nicest I've been to myself exercise wise. I'm the type of person who goes for long periods without much activity before throwing myself into intense activity - cases in point, karate and I suppose, jogging. It's harder to take it easy with karate because as a senior belt, well, the whole philosophy is to give it your everything. One of the codes after all is "Put maximum effort into everything you do!"
With jogging I're either walking or you're jogging...there's no real in-between. You're either doing it regularly or you're not.

So this 30 day challenge is a challenge for me to start fitting fitness back into my life somehow, but since I've chosen a program that's very much 'you set your pace and difficulty', so far it's the gentlest I've allowed myself. Of course, it's only day 2. This is a 30 day program so I'm sure the first week goes a little easier on you, and then you'll just be pouring sweat :P I'll be happy if I don't have achey muscles (the type that protests every time you move, especially climbing the stairs), but tired ones. Tired ones at least prove I exerted myself.

I'm off, peace out :)
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