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Word Count: 10,103/50,000
Word Goal: 1,667
Words Written: 1,689

I so barely reached my word count last night but I reached it! Huzzah! Which also means that the next milestone is 25,000! This is the danger point for me because I can already feel myself running out of steam. Also my most successful participation in Nanowrimo (back in 2008 or 2009 I think) never reached the 25,000 word count. It's only going to get more grueling so it's time to just grit my teeth and keep on!

It's kind of cute to type in 'Suez Canal' into YouTube and you get these videos of ships crossing the canal along to cute orchestral music (with an almost carnival feel). It makes you just smile and sit, watching this ship go through, because the music is quite so addictive.

It's also pretty cool to see the line of ships using the Suez as a highway in single file, and knowing that Egypt is actually digging a parallel canal to allow for simultaneous two way traffic. The way it's made right now, the ships kind of meet at a certain halfway point and take turns (if I understand this correctly, I may be TOTALLY wrong).

James also hears the tale of the Kelpie, and his own ancestor's unlikely role in that saga of the underworld. Or at least he starts to hear the tale, most of my word count was dedicated to the Suez because I was floundering my way through yesterday.

I was scheduled to go to this Saturday's write in, but had to postpone because...Raymond E Feist will be in the region and I'm going to see him! And get some books signed...and even if he runs out of time, at least I'll have seen him. Fangirling over favorite authorness over here :P

Oh and Widget!

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