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Word Count: 8,414/50,000
Word Goal: 1,667
Words Written: 1,875

Well today was a pretty bad day in terms of writing quality - I actually had no idea how to fill up this time (because I have still failed to find an appropriate Celtic Sea Voyage legend) so it is instead filled up with the political and professional concerns of James' father. I should write more about sailing in the Mediterranean but I suppose tomorrow can be 'oohs' and 'aahs' over crossing the Suez Canal.

The politics isn't out of place, and it's just...pretty impossible to write so much in the perspective of a five year old, so I've adopted the omniscient 3rd person narrator voice. I also need to finish finding an appropriate sea voyage legend from my sister's omnibus, to serve as a kind of inspiration for this chapter. I mean...I don't even really remember stuff from when I was five. My memories only cleared up once I was about 8 or 9, and I remember having no attention span even then :P

The political stuff does have a place in the story though, so I may as well brain dump it all out here :P Ah terrible excuse for writing today, but I guess there are always days like this.

The plan so far is to manage the recommended daily word goal with at least one day a week of 3,500 words. That should keep me afloat.

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