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Why? Because day 12 was all about the spine and my back hurt.

So in the rush of last week, I did something pretty silly and accidentally spilled my lunch (pasta aglio olio) on my chair and on the floor. Oops. That meant that my chair was now covered in olive oil and I wiped it down as best I could with my wet wipes (good thing I keep a pack on my desk) but you know...oil. Anyway, I had to let it dry so I switched out with the other chair that was available, which was much older.

After a mad rush of a few days to reach the Friday deadline it was only after the work was submitted that I realized...hey, my back REALLY hurts! (Not brilliant...nope). So yeah, I guess that's a lesson about old chairs.

I decided that I would do Day 12's practice for spinal health when I got home. I missed doing it the night before because it was a late night at the office and I just wanted to sleep. By the time I went home and settled enough I figured maybe a warm bath would be better for my back. Then the lightning storm came. Anyway lightning storms where I live go on for a long time and it's dumb to temp fate with them so I wasn't willing to go through a sweaty yoga session and not be able to get a good shower to clean that all off.

So alas, I went through Thursday and Friday yoga-less with a back not entirely happy with me.

Today I finally did this exercise and maybe it helped a little, but I think it was more of a balancing exercise. Also it was literally spinal health, not back specific, but my back did get some good stretching in just by having had to do it. I still haven't gotten the opportunity to loosen it up with a warm bath, but I may not actually get that chance since it's a surprisingly busy weekend, social wise. Also, because lightning storms tend to happen whenever I go 'oh maybe I can take that bath now'. Ah well.

Okay so a lot of balancing today...for loooooong moments. Stand on one leg, stretch the other out (tree, warrior 3 etc) and the muscles on the sole of my grounded feet were really feeling the strain, so I actually took a lot of breaks (gotta be kind to the self).

The downward dogs are starting to get easier, which is saying something but I'm still a little stiff in the legs. I'm definitely picking up specific breathing habits now, which is nice.

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