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Today was all about the back...which is great because my abs, obliques and pretty much all my front core muscles would have really protested another day of having to exert themselves :P It was pretty subtle, but last night I ended up having to rub my stomach with muscle rub and this morning they were still a little grouchy. Still, sometimes a slight ache is good, lets you know that the muscles are working. I'm especially happy that the 30 day challenge takes that into account.

Still, day 4! Wowza!

Today was all about relying on the yoga, just letting it do its thing - having faith that just making time for it everyday will work itself into better benefits for the body and eventually into your life.
At the very least, I think my brain appreciates having these moments at night to just focus on breathing and stretching with a bit of exertion. I get the feeling that tomorrow and next week we'll start to see more strenuous exercises. I actually prefer the chill stuff :P Because it's obviously doing something if my core needed some TLC, but again, this challenge was more an incentive to make time for health and well-being in the day.

My hopes that yoga would help me sleep soundly didn't quite work out last night as I ended having to take a sleeping pill. Still, I think this attempt at a 30 day challenge comes at a renewed time of me trying to take care of myself through small but meaningful changes.

What else am I doing besides yoga? This is going to sound so tiny but...for the last week till today I've been making my bed every morning before leaving for work. I know it's a little thing and most people probably do it but I.NEVER.DO. It's amazing how the simple act of making one's bed makes a room look 80% tidier and more welcoming. Heck it only takes a few minutes, I want to see how long I can keep this up as well (bonus if I just do it from now on).

I'm going to try to go back to having a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with honey in the mornings. I never figured out if that actually did anything, but I figure, it never hurt either (and it'll help me use up the Cameron Highlands honey I bought to try. It has a pleasant light taste, like jasmine, but I probably wouldn't try this particular brand again (they added too much sugar).


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