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Current Word Count (End Day 2): 5,386/50,000
Word Goal: 3,500 (adjusted to 1,667)
Words Written: 1,705

Well, yesterday was a dedicated writing day and today was less of one. I had lunch with an old friend from my College and we caught up all day, so I only got a chance to work on my novel in the evening. Well, I knew that I wouldn't be able to repeat yesterday's success of 3,500, but I did at least want to hit the recommended daily goal of 1,667. All in all, that would push me beyond the 5,000 word milestone and it feels good to be even 10% there.


Finish the folk-tale of the origins of the Morgan family.
Get James on his ship.


1. I based the Morgan family origin story around an existing Celtic Folktale called 'The Sea Maiden' (as mentioned yesterday). What I did was adopt a minor character in that story and make that guy a major character in mind, as well as flesh out a little more of the sea maiden's character. I think it's definitely one of those wonderful gems which would allow me to come back in the future and further flesh out, but for now, it's as good as it's going to get.

2. I found myself already incorporating some story elements that will pop up in James' adulthood and I'm very happy about that - the theme of human beings finding peace in nature, only once removed from the noise of civilization.

3. Huzzah! I found some information on Ocean Liners/Passenger liners from Britain going to the orient! That took a lot of searching but Google books finally gave me what I wanted. I juuuust remembered that I'm still registered with the Singapore public library so all their online resources are still at my disposal! Wonderful! I can trust that for things like this. Basically to travel from Liverpool to Hong Kong took about 40 days (I was shocked). You take the liner from Liverpool to Toronto, the train to Vancouver, then you board another liner to Hong Kong. I'm using a different route for my characters - Liverpool through the Suez to Japan, and I'm going to invent that it will take 60 days mostly because it's a luxury liner and those things aren't known for moving all that fast...but who knows? Argh, it's just the first draft, it doesn't need to be checked out yet. That's what revision is for.

And that's it for today! Onwards to Day 3.
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